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Tony Drago was born in Valletta, on the Mediterranean island of Malta, on 22 September 1965.

In 1984, At the age of 19, Tony won the Malta Amateur Championship. He turned pro in 1985, and entered his first World Championship the following year. Tony has played in 14 World Championships in total, reaching the quarter finals in 1988.

Tony is well-known for his high-speed play - earning him the nickname ‘The Tornado’. He holds the record for the fastest century break - three minutes and thirty seconds angainst John Higgins in the 1990 UK Championship, and for the fastest frame - 62-0 in 3 minutes against Danny Fowler in the 1988 International. Tony is also one of only a handful of players to have scored a break of higher than 147 - possible when invoking the ‘free ball’ rule - with a break of 149 in a practice game in 1995.

Tony is also a successful professional pool player, having five professional titles including the World Pool Masters in 2003 and the Mosconi Cup in 2007 and 2008.